MoBiBe at Volkshochschulen in Berlin

The so-called Volkshochschulen (VHS), as institutions for adult and further education, play an important role in the integration of refugees. In addition to integration courses, they also offer German language courses specifically for refugees, in which they are informed about the MoBiBe counselling offer.

The counselling at the Volkshochschulen in Berlin has started in October 2015 as a model-project at five different centers. Meanwhile all the Berliner Volkshochschulen are engaged in the project of the mobile educational counselling for refugees (MoBiBe).

How is the MoBiBe implemented in the VHS?

Our mobile educational counsellors present the MoBiBe offer during class in the different German courses and schedule appointments for individual counselling sessions afterwards.

In order to ensure continuity and to offer all services under one roof, permanent counselling offices have been established in at least in one Volkshochschule of each district.

Some VHS have already established the opportunity of specialized German language courses for women.