Welcome to Mobile Educational Counselling for Refugees

The MoBiBe offices (Mobile Consultation offices) are closed till 10.01.2021.

The “MoBiBe offices” (Mobile Consultation offices) as well as the “Willkommen-in-Arbeit” offices (Welcome-to-Work offices) are closed till 10.01.2021 due to containment measures of the COVID-19 virus. Please also consider the additional instructions in each office of the following: Jobassistenz Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Jobassistenz Spandau, LernLaden Neukölln, LernLaden Ostkreuz, LernLaden Pankow, Frauenzentrum Marie e.V., Frauenzukunft e.V., KOBRA Beruf | Bildung | Arbeit und Raupe und Schmetterling – Frauen in der Lebensmitte e.V..

We continue to offer consultations the best way possible also via:

• telephone
• e-mail
• video chat

Our consultations stay individual, free of charge and multilingual. Interpreters are available for Arabic, Persian, Kurdish and Russian and can support you in communicating in the consultations, if needed.

Do you have questions about language courses, schools, vocational training, internships, studies, work, applications and the CV? Please contact the “Willkommen-in-Arbeit” offices (Welcome-to-Work offices) or the other consultation offices directly.
Our consultants continue to give you advice comprehensively or refer to our partners.

Since October 2015 our mobile counsellors offer advice on your further and vocational education in Germany generally, and in Berlin particularly. We consider your qualifications and skills, we guide you towards possible education opportunities and make suitable individual proposals.

What is MoBiBe?

Would you like to…

  • Learn German
  • Finish your academic or vocational education
  • Learn about your professional opportunities in Germany
  • Enhance your professional skills through additional qualifications
  • Write an application
  • Find work in the field that suits your preferences and your skills
  • Find an internship

We offer counselling on the following topics:

  • German language courses
  • Vocational and academic education
  • Additional qualifications
  • Recognition of degrees and certificates
  • Job search and application writing/strategies
  • Work
  • Internships

Our counselling takes into consideration your personal wishes, needs and circumstances. The counselling is free of any charges. It should be, however, noted that we cannot provide any specific work offers.

We offer our consultations in the following languages:

Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Italian, Pashto, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tadjik and Turkish.