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The mobile educational counselling for refugees is currently carried out by 27 educational counsellors. These counsellors are employed by eight different organisations for educational counselling in Berlin. This gives us the opportunity to achieve broad regional distribution and enables us to meet the needs of particular target groups, for example through the educational counselling specifically for female refugees.

We offer the mobile educational counselling in the so-called Willkommen-in-Arbeit-Büros (WiA-Büro) and in Volkshochschulen (adult education centers). Also counselling is offered at other locations in the various districts of Berlin where refugees are settled.

The mobile educational counselling for refugees at the Volkshochschulen is coordinated by P:iB in cooperation with the Coordination and Evaluation Department for publicly promoted educational counselling of the KES. In order to secure a high quality standard, we have also integrated k.o.s GmbH in our network.