Welcome to P:iB – Partnerschaften in der Bildungsberatung

P:iB stands for Partnership in Educational Counselling. We coordinate the implementation of educational guidance and counselling in three counselling centers in Berlin, namely LernLäden: LernLaden Neukölln, LernLaden Pankow and LernLaden Ostkreuz, as well as the implementation of the mobile educational counselling for refugees (Mobile Bildungsberatung für Geflüchtete Menschen; MoBiBe).

The Berlin-model of educational counselling is based upon an approach of life-long learning; meaning that any person at any stage in life should be given the opportunity for professional re-orientation, qualification or education. Thusly, the chances for professional improvement and personal fulfilment can be increased. Educational counselling – a special kind of expert counselling – was developed to serve this purpose.

The particular mobile educational counselling program was established in 2005, and added a new focus in 2015 on refugees. The counselling is carried out at the Willkommen-in-Arbeit-Büros (Welcome-to-Work-offices), at Volkshochschulen (adult education centers), and other locations in different districts of Berlin and is based on the “Fachkonzept MoBiBe”.

What does this mean precisely?

  • We improve the practice-theory-transfer and support the application of results of the partners’ network meetings.
  • Through our work in public relations we contribute in spreading the establishment of our concept.
  • We offer specialized conferences and issue-specialized publications.
  • We facilitate professionalisation through coordinated professional training offers to qualify the mobile educational counsellors for refugees.
  • We organize forums for regular cooperative expert seminars and support specialized networking of the educational counsellors in the different counselling centers around Berlin.