The counselling centers LernLäden in Berlin successfully established the specialized offer of educational counselling in 2003. All those interested can receive competent educational guidance and counselling, regardless of their social situation. Any such counselling is confidential and takes into account any personal interests, circumstances and personal goals.

Our LernLäden offer the following:

  • Personal and individual counselling on further education opportunities
  • Counselling on (re-) orientation in the professional field
  • The use of PCs for independent research in relevant data bases for further education purposes and to finalize all necessary application documents
  • Workshops on subjects like job application, access to the professional field, returning into employment, learning how to learn, basic computer knowledge

The counselling is:

  • open – everyone can visit the LernLäden
  • neutral – we offer counselling independently from any provider of further education.
  • free – you pay nothing for any counselling offers of the LernLäden
  • open on all weekdays
  • also possible without appointment
  • located in three areas of Berlin – you can visit us in the LernLäden Neukölln, Pankow and Ostkreuz.

Further information about the LernLäden can be found in the downloading-area.


LernLaden Pankow
LernLaden Neukölln
LernLaden Ostkreuz